This represents my notes on a new Windows 7 setup. It assumes that I have already activated it and installed updates, etc.

Yes, I know Windows 7 is unsupported. So what?

  1. Set performance in computer properties -> advanced -> performance
    • turn off all except font smoothing
  2. Set for auto login, using “netplwiz”
  3. Connect to mac volume pub as “net use v: \\pub”
  4. Get and install firefox
  5. Install TCC from
    • install to c:\tcc no matter what the installer wants to do
    • copy the aliases
    • copy the startup
    • put a link to tcc on the desktop
  6. Make a directory for tools c:\usr
  7. Get 7zip and install in c:\usr\7zip
  8. Install ztreewin in c:\usr\ztree
  9. Set the system variable HOME to somewhere sane; c:\rcvn
    • in computer properties -> advanced -> environment variables
  10. Install emacs for windows into c:\emacs
  11. Put a .emacs file into HOME
  12. install gitforwindows
  13. Install tortoisegit
    • tortoisegit doesn’t seem to integrate to explorer ???
  14. install powerpro to c:\usr\powerpro