I’ve been reading Schlock Mercenary for about 5 years now; Howard Tayler has provided much entertainment for me. Thanks, Howard!

However he just finished 20 years of Schlock and is taking a well-deserved hiatus. This leaves me is a bad spot – nothing to entertain me with.

I noticed the date format of the web archive of the strip, and realized that if I simply subtract 20 years from the current date, I will get a valid URL from the first Schlock book. If I script that, I can get a new comic every day until Howard starts writing again!!!!

PHP. I know, I know… Whatcha gonna do?

schlock redirect

<!DOCTYPE html>

$d=date("Y")-20 . "-" . date("m") . "-" . date("d") ;
$xx = "<a href=\"https://www.schlockmercenary.com/" . $d . "\">schlock</a>";
$yy = "https://www.schlockmercenary.com/" . $d;
header('Location: ' . $yy, true, 302);    // Use either 301 or 302
# echo $xx;