I bought a Creativity Elf CoreXY 3d printer. The stock photo is not quite what I have, but very close (mine has a bowden extruder instead of a direct extruder)


Really good price, good features, easy assembly, and decent prints right out of the box.

However, and a pretty big one for me, was that the firmware in the printer was closed. This in spite of the fact that it is based on and even acknowledges the Marlin project.

So, the adventure begins here.

The embedded brain of the printer is MKS Robin Nano 1.2. MKS has recently open-sourced the hardware and software for this, but the information is pretty sketchy in a lot of places.

Creativity offers an upgrade to the firmware on their website, but I have reservations. The printer already works and if I do the SD-card update I will lose the current firmware – there is no apparent way to read it out of the Robin Nano to archive it and restore it. So I ordered a spare Robin Nano and its TFT display to play with.

Next, I will configure, compile, and load Marlin on it.