While travelling on an extended trip, I wanted to see my overall route as a single travel line on a map, with each place we stop and stay marked, and all of the directions available as needed. So, Google Maps, right?

Not quite.

Google Maps is great – but – can’t do more that 20 waypoints; on top of that, you have to point, click, type, wait, repeat for each waypoint. And screw up. And scream because all vanished.

Data to the rescue!

First, get your list of waypoints in a text editor, one per line, saved. Second, get the GPS coordinates of each waypoint (another post…) formatted as “lat,lng” like “44.3876612,-71.1399709” (but no quotes). Call each pair “ptxx” Third, formulate your request to Google Maps as:


The lat/lng following the @ is the coordinate of center of the map. The one here gives a good continental US map.

The 5z is the zoom factor. Adjust as needed. Bigger numbers zoom in, smaller zoom out. Supports at least 2 decimal points of precision, as “5.71”.

And, as they say, “walla!” you have a fixed zoom map of up to 20 waypoints.

An actual short example of this is: