Google Map Hacks

While travelling on an extended trip, I wanted to see my overall route as a single travel line on a map, with each place we stop and stay marked, and all of the directions available as needed. So, Google Maps, right? [Read More]

New Domain

I recently was able to acquire “” as my domain! That was what I wanted all along, but I had to make-do with “”. So, this blog and all its bits will be migrated to the new domain, and available as “”. And, to make the deal sweeter, I can... [Read More]

OpenWRT DHCP Management

I use an openwrt router for my home system. I want control of ip assignments on my network, but I want the DHCP server running. OpenWRT makes this possible, but requires the /etc/hosts and /etc/ethers files to track each other. [Read More]