sigh, can't really do this. was a good (or bad?) idea.

The basic concept here is: set the startup in


to point to a system-uniquely named printer.cfg file instead of the generic printer.cfg file. Thus, instead of


you would, for example, use


This single-line change will allow for a unified repository, with unified macros and anything else that you want to have common.

the newest version of the kliper install changes this; the environment line in the klipper.service file


so the strategy changes. for example:

  1. normal install of mainsail via raspberry pi installer
  2. in printer-data/systemd/klipper.env replace printer.cfg with stumpy/printer.cfg
  3. move printer-data/config out of the way, rename to config.orig perhaps
  4. check out the klipper-farm repo, which needs to contain a subdir called stumpy
  5. reboot, and pray!