Mac /


rsync is a favorite:

# from the intertube
rsync -avAXEWSlHh /source /destination --no-compress --info=progress2 --dry-run 

# my old finger remembered pattern
rsync -rtlvWe ...

but tar is possibly faster

tar -C /src --numeric-owner -S -c . | pv -tpeba -s 100G | tar -C /dest --numeric-owner -S -xp

# for the pv parameter, pass the size of the copy (duh!)

and with regard to pv, per the man page

On MacOS, it may be useful to specify -B 1024 in a pipeline, as this may improve performance

try this next time, but only if the destination folder exists and you are in the source folder

SIZ=`du -hs|awk '{print $1}'`; tar -S -c . | pv -tpeba -s $SIZ | tar -C /volumes/MusicSD/tunez -S -xp